Tumescent Liposuction for Lipedema Journal

Tumescent liposuction for lipedema is not a cosmetic surgery (though I think every single women going through this procedure would like the treated areas, especially their legs, to look at least normal again).  And, I’d really love to think that every doctor and plastic surgeon that practices this life changing procedure has their patient’s health and welfare in mind when taking them on.

However, when it comes down to the bottom line, the clinics that do this type of treatment are a business and like any other business they want to sell the treatments to make money and hopefully profit.  This is why I think that the nitty gritty details are often left out of the consultation so they don’t scare potential patients and customers away.

Also, unless they’re a lipedema patient themselves (and to this point I don’t know of any actual liposuction surgeons who are) and had copious amounts of fat sucked out of a single limb, they aren’t going to know about little details that a liposuction for lipedema patient might feel.  So that is why I’m putting myself ouot there and am journaling each surgery as they are performed.

The better informed you are, the better the decision you can make for your own body and circumstance! Below is a list of all the posts for each surgery I will be having, which is a minimum of 6 possibly 7 or 8.

WARNING: There is ABSOLUTELY NO SUGAR COATING going on in these posts.  They are raw emotion, graphic detailed descriptions, graphic pictures, and a lot of lewd and vulgar language (if fuck, shit, or hell is going to offend you, stop here).

During the surgeries blood vessels are broken and tinge the fluid red, there’s bleeding, bruising, sores, and more! I feel the better I can describe how it feels and what to expect, the better prepared you’ll be!

Liposuction Surgery #3 – The Right Thigh (7 liters of fat taken out)

Liposuction Surgery #4 – The Butt (7.6 liters of fat taken out)

Liposuction Surgery #5 – The Arms (3.5 liters of fat taken out)

Liposuction Surgery #6 – The Stomach (8 liters of fat taken out)

Liposuction Surgery #7 – Sides, Full Back, Butt Touch Up (5 liters of fat taken out)

Abdominoplasty Surgery – Aka the Tummy Tuck (1st Half 2018)

It’s the goal to have this surgery in the 1st half of 2018, though it may be possible that I have to have 1 more liposuction on my stomach to get enough loose skin to get insurance to pay.

Arm Lift Surgery (last part of 2018, possibly 2019)

I’d like to have this sooner than later since it screws with my lifting at the gym.  I found a clinic in Belgium that does it under twilight anesthesia for under 3000 euro so I might go have a consultation next year just to see.