Upper Stomach, Back, Sides Surgery Day

The following post is personal, very personal.  Not only am I sharing what it is like to go through tumescent liposuction for lipedema, but I’m sharing the pain, my body, and my experience as there is very little current experiences from women going through this out on the internet.  I Continue Reading

Day 6 Post Surgery – Side and Lower Back Liposuction

I know I typically try to write about each day post surgery as it’s own post, up until about day 7.  However, unless you want to just read, “I slept” then “I slept some more” followed up by “I ate something then went back to bed”, I guarantee that days Continue Reading

Last Liposuction Surgery Date Announced!

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated, but yesterday I went to Rotterdam to see my surgeon and got my last liposuction surgery date. Overall, he’s very pleased with the results of my stomach liposuction from back in February (2017).  Unfortunately, we still don’t know if all the fat is out Continue Reading