Liposuction for the Sides and Lower Back

The time for my 7th, and hopefully last liposuction for lipedema procedure, has finally come.  This final surgery is to take care of the lipedema fat on my sides, hips, and my surgeon wanted to try to get some fat he missed during my butt liposuction. I could have had Continue Reading

Day 5 After Liposuction on the Left Thigh

Today is day 5 after liposuction on the left thigh and, excuse my language here, but I fucking amaze myself.  I actually had to count on the calendar a few times and pinch myself to make sure it really is day 5 because so far I have accomplished: Day 1 Continue Reading

Dr. Amron’s 3D Circumferential Multi-System Liposuction Treatment

If you’ve been diagnosed with Lipedema, you’re probably in the same place as I am.  Your doctor is probably recommending lymph drain therapy and compression stockings but nobody is really talking about a way to get rid of the fat. I estimate that I’m probably carrying around about 40-50kg of Continue Reading