Went back to my biggest client’s office today and it felt pretty good to get out of the house.  I’ve been off oxy since last week so I was even able to drive myself.  Sitting in the drivers seat didn’t hurt any of the incisions at all.

I did have one developer I work with who didn’t really appreciate my drain, especially after the little bleeding incident the other day.  I’ve never seen anyone turn that pasty white.  Everyone else was amused by me having to carry it around.

I do have a little wound that opened on my left side along the bottom incision that seeped through the bandage I put on it so I had to put some folded up paper towels between that and the bandage.  I’m not really liking this wound since the other one that was at the T of the cut is starting to scab over but this one isn’t doing anything.  The good thing is it’s not hot, not red, not a funky color and doesn’t smell.  I’m not running a fever or hurting either.  I just worry a little since I’ve had an abscess on my leg from lymph fluid that rose to the skin that burst and I got an nice wound that didn’t heal.  Not to mention the diabetes can make things like this go south.

I guess watch it and wait.


PetraAnn was first diagnosed with Lipedema in fall 2015 after years of eating keto and exercising with no weight loss results.After diagnosis, she has gone through 8 tumescent liposuction procedures from 2016 until 2018 and on 17 December 2019 underwent an abdominoplasty to remove the remaining 3-4 liters of lippy fat and loose skin.

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