Today is 13 days after my abdominoplasty on 17 December 2019.  I’m actually feeling pretty good.  I’ve moved off Oxycodon every 4 hours to every 6 hours but I’m trying to keep the Paracetamol up every 4 hours since the wounds do get tender if I let it gap.

1st Post Op Checkup

This morning was actually my first post op checkup at the hospital.  The nurses, when removing the drains, do check the wounds to make sure everything is ok but this is where I get to speak to an actual surgeon in the practice.  Plus, a nurse came in to remove the stitches from my belly button.

Overall everything looks good.  The surgeon removed the medical tape from the wounds and there were a few moist spots in the incisions.  More than likely the tape pulled some scabs off but it doesn’t seem to be anything to be concerned about.  They told me to wait a few hours before putting the tape back on (it offers the wounds some support) so now that I’m home I took my compression garment off so the wounds can breath a bit.

The stitches coming out didn’t hurt at all.  I could feel some tugging sometimes but overall I don’t have any sensation in that area right now.  It apparently looks pretty ok.  I can see it but it looks like a red gaping anus at the moment (sorry, but it does) so my opinion on the matter is currently out.  I personally think removing it might have been the better option but I guess it gets better.  It’s not infected or anything so whatever.  Maybe I’ll just have a red gaping anus the rest of my life. LOL

My remaining drain didn’t get to come out today since it’s still draining about 100ml a day.  Maybe New Years day.

I have been cleared to walk for exercise as long as I listen to my body and I can walk as upright as is comfortable.  Basically for both things, I need to just listen to my body and not try to do everything all at once.  So that’s a good thing.  At 6 weeks post op I can go back to the gym and start easing back into my routines with low weights.   So pretty much at the end of January.  Hopefully my shoulders can hold on until I can get back onto the cable fly machine and get those SOBs stretched out.

So far, so good! Amazing healing powers, go, go, GO!


PetraAnn was first diagnosed with Lipedema in fall 2015 after years of eating keto and exercising with no weight loss results.After diagnosis, she has gone through 8 tumescent liposuction procedures from 2016 until 2018 and on 17 December 2019 underwent an abdominoplasty to remove the remaining 3-4 liters of lippy fat and loose skin.

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