Still Trying to Figure Out the Back Pain

Today I had a visit with the neurologist at my local hospital about my back pain since it’s still not fixed, or managed.  Liposuction sure as hell hasn’t helped very much, neither has being able to walk and stand with good posture.

The neurologist was a really nice guy that actually lived 2 years in the states.  When I explained what’s going on, and explained he’ll probably be able to do nothing for me, he said it doesn’t sound like a neurological problem but he’d examine me anyways (btw, I actually just had to look up how to spell examine in english… this is a tell tale sign I live in a non english society!).

Everything is fine.  My spine is fine, the dehydrated disk with a slight bulge is fine, all my neurological responses are fine.  In other words, I’m fine.

However, he did say something that peaked my interest.  When he was showing me my back muscles in the MRI scan, he pointed out the fat mixed into my muscle.  He said that this is a good thing because that fat is needed as a lubricant for the muscles and tendons.  If it’s not there, it becomes irritated and inflamed.

After thinking about it, I’ve been on a caloric deficit for years now.  I’m even more careful now that I’ve invested EU 25,000 into surgery because I DO NOT want the lipedema fat to grow back.  Mind, I don’t keep any crazy deficit since i know I can’t lose anything more.  But I try to keep a 100-300 calorie deficit as a “buffer”.  I probably eat at maintenance several times a week as well.

But what if I’ve literally dieted off the fat that my muscles need to function well in my efforts to get my weight down all of these years? Nobody can tell by my outward appearance.

I guess this is more of a shower thought than anything.  As I told my husband, I’m not going to suddenly eat at a surplus just in case.  I don’t want to tempt fate and cause lipedema fat to form (not to mention my BMI is too high for skin removal at private clinics so I don’t want to tempt fate there either if I don’t have to).

The next step is getting a referral to a sports doctor since they deal more with muscle function.  It’ll probably be summer before I can see the doctor and until then I’ll stay at my modest deficit.

But I guess it’s something to ponder.


PetraAnn was first diagnosed with Lipedema in fall 2015 after years of eating keto and exercising with no weight loss results.After diagnosis, she has gone through 8 tumescent liposuction procedures from 2016 until 2018 and on 17 December 2019 underwent an abdominoplasty to remove the remaining 3-4 liters of lippy fat and loose skin.

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