Day 6 Post Surgery – Side and Lower Back Liposuction

I know I typically try to write about each day post surgery as it’s own post, up until about day 7.  However, unless you want to just read, “I slept” then “I slept some more” followed up by “I ate something then went back to bed”, I guarantee that days Continue Reading

5 Months Post Stomach Liposuction

I just wanted to put out a little update on the stomach liposuction I had done in February, 2017. Two weeks ago my stomach shrunk a little more and I found out shrinking stretch marks HURT.  I have a bunch of really fine, almost white stretch marks across my stomach Continue Reading

Stomach Liposuction Post Op Day 2

There really isn’t a whole lot of excitement for Stomach Liposuction Post Op Day 2, unfortunately.  A lot of dozing while binge watching Homeland on Netflix. In a way, I feel really lazy because with the previous 5 liposuction surgeries I was at the gym working out with my trainer Continue Reading