Upper Stomach, Back, Sides Surgery Day

The following post is personal, very personal.  Not only am I sharing what it is like to go through tumescent liposuction for lipedema, but I’m sharing the pain, my body, and my experience as there is very little current experiences from women going through this out on the internet.  I Continue Reading

Stomach Liposuction for Lipedema Surgery Day

The much anticipated stomach liposuction took place on February 15th, 2017.  Like the other 5 surgeries, my husband and I stayed at the CitizenM hotel (man we love the rain showers) which is only a few minutes walk from the clinic.  The only difference this time is there was a Continue Reading

Preparing for Liposuction on the Stomach

In only 3 days, on February 15th 2017, I’ll be preparing for liposuction the stomach.  I’m really excited for this surgery because I’m DONE with this lump of fat and flesh hanging from the front of my body.  It’s heavy, gets in the way of squatting and cycling, and it really Continue Reading

Getting Liposuction on My Stomach – A Complicated Issue

Way back when I did my consultation with my surgeon last year (fall 2015), he was very up front when it came to my stomach.  It’s big, it contains a lot of fat, and it’s risky business. Apparently, he really doesn’t like doing liposuction on stomachs because there’s a much Continue Reading