Abdominoplasty Day 7 Post-Op

It’s 4am and I’m here to tell you day 7 (Christmas eve no fucking less) SUCKS.

Pretty much since the 1st day post-op, if I moved wrong or tried standing up too straight, I’d get this wicked twinge in my left side.  It’s almost as if Alien is trying to bust its way out of my gut. Well, sometime yesterday afternoon that started happening on my right side.  Except it seemed to be a little more constant through the day vs. my left side.

My current theory is it’s one of the drains that has worked its way someplace it shouldn’t.  Ok, fair enough.  I just won’t move the way that makes it burn like a son of a bitch and makes Alien busting out of my gut seem like a relief.  Except once I got into bed, I couldn’t get out again since any movement set off this god awful pain.  Seriously, in all of the times I came off the back of my horse, stupid bicycling accidents or stupid gym accidents, including all 8 liposuctions I had done, I have NOT felt anything this fucking damned painful.  And to rub salt into the wound (haha.. what a fucking pun), the area in my mons pubis where my drains are coming out of is swollen and burns.  Awesome.  Just fucking awesome.

Well at 3am I really had to pee but couldn’t get out of bed with good old Alien trying to bust out.  My husband went downstairs to call the clinic to see what the hell to do and I laid there really, really having to pee.  Having to pee does things to people and I gritted my teeth and worked myself up out of bed.  Thank Jesus I have a bed that has an electric bottom so I could raise the head high enough to work myself up into a somewhat standing position.  However, every time I tried swinging my right leg out of bed, Alien reared its ugly head.

This is where we can say thank you to the billions of squats and leg presses I’ve done over the years because I gritted my teeth, braced myself on the wall and came up out of what would have been a 1 legged squat, tried not to scream and wake up my mother who was sleeping in the other room and stand up.

Luckily, standing up was just fine.  Walking was just fine.  Sitting on the toilet, thank God, was just fine.

I got to pee.

It’s 4am and I’m Playing a Fucking Video Game and Watching Arrow

Yup, that’s right.  It’s now 4am and I’m sitting here watching Arrow and playing Path of Exile (if you like free video games, check it out on Steam as it’s what Diablo 3 should have been).  The end result of the call to the nurse at the clinic is it’s probably not my appendix since I’m not getting any pain coming through my back nor am I running a fever (we think… of course the thermometer is malfunctioning so poor hubby has had to run to the hospital pharmacy for a new one).  Plus the pain does happen on the other side much less frequently.

The nurse at the clinic also didn’t want me to come in now to have the drain adjusted or removed (if that’s the problem) because there’s pain involved.  She rather the surgeon or a more advanced care team be present.  Makes sense, but I’m NOT getting back into bed and doing this all over again.

So here I am, at four in the fucking morning, binge watching the Arrow on Netflix and playing a video game waiting to be able to drive over to the Utrecht hospital to have something done about Alien.


11:30am and I Did Get Some Sleep

Around 5am I decided to try to get back into bed.  As long as I stayed on my left side or back, the burning, poking, alien ripping out of my abdomen sensation didn’t come back.  I do have a memory foam mattress topper and it creates kind of a little hole you lay in from your weight and body warmth.  I did get some of the sensation from trying to roll (carefully) out of that.  But nothing like in the middle of the night.

2 of the drains are draining the amount they need to in order to come out (less than 30ml in a 24hr period) so I’m hopefully going to go in to get those taken out.  I’ve also been prescribed Oxycodone for the pain due to the swelling.

Oh, and it turns out the walks I’ve been taking to help with the swelling were a no no (according to a doctor).  I specifically asked if they were ok and the discharge nurse said yes so there is some conflicting info going on here.  But in all likely I just shifted the drain around and this is the consequence of walking more than 100 meter (330 feet) in one “session”.  Upon looking it up, it seems there’s a lot of conflicting info if by the end of the week you should be able to do longer walks or not.  We’ll never know if this would have happened if I walked or not at this point…

Come and Get a Drain Taken Out They Said…

So the intense burning/poking pain has died down quite a bit.  I talked to one of the nurses at length and she said it could have been anything from just bending in the wrong way to going out for a longer walk than my body could handle.  We’ll probably never know what caused it… But I got a drain taken out since it’s producing less than 30ml of fluid.

However, I had it taken out down in the ER.  Someplace that was quite a walk from the clinic location I should have been in.

My husband and I were in the car driving to the hospital for the drain removal when the palms of my hands started itching.  This always signals some sort of reaction to something.  From my palms, my neck started itching then my stomach, sides, armpits, arms, inner ears, face and even my tongue was fucking itching.  Yes people, apparently your tongue was actually itching.  This all progressed in minutes and by the 6 minute mark my throat was starting to swell.  Luckily breathing through my nose didn’t seem to be affected so even though my throat almost swelled shut, my nose and lungs were OK.

Needless to say, the clinic told us they’d call ahead to the ER and they’d come down and remove the drain from there.

So I’ve been up for hours overnight, got the news I could have a drain out then get an allergic reaction to something.  Needless to say, I’m pretty beat.  No, I wasn’t admitted and they think it was the diclofenac that was doing it and not the oxy.  I just popped another oxy so I have the freshly issued epi pen sitting next to me just in case they were wrong.  So far, so good.


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