I’ve found in most of my surgeries, after the first 3 or 4 days there isn’t a whole lot to report in post-op reports since not much will significantly change.  However, I feel like everyone will want to hear about my total and complete break down this morning when I woke up.  Not one of my finest moments for sure.

So for pain, since my little bout of anaphylactic shock last week, I’ve been taking a combo of Paracetamol and Oxycodon every 4 hours.  I have been generally getting up around 10am where I take my first pill for the day and take my last at about midnight then I’m able to sleep the night through.  So that’s roughly 5 oxy and 10 Paracetamol a day and that’s been keeping the pain tolerable.

Now, keep in mind, at this point I could go without any pain killers but then the incisions become super sensitive.  Any touch, rubbing on clothing, compression from my fake spanx or from the bed (i.e. laying on it) HURTS LIKE FUCK ALL.  And it’s not an acute pain.  It’s like letting the cat lick 1 spot for the next 72 hours.  At some point the area just becomes raw and hurts and then the mental torture of it.. kind of like waterboarding.  That’s what the pain is like.  I can tolerate it but I’m not a happy camper.

Well I’ve been planning on going back to a client I work with in Zeist, about a 45 minute drive south from me (if there’s no traffic) on Monday, January 6th if I felt up to it.  I just got the message that my client is going on vacation from the 7th until the 28th of January so I really need to be there for a few hours on Monday to go over what he wants me to accomplish while he’s gone since I’m project manager for his new website and more or less have ran his old website since forever.  I haven’t been in the office since the 16th of December so a catch up and planning is a good idea.

Honestly, I’m fine to go in since I’ve kind of gotten used to the Oxy and am no longer sleepy or confused from it.  I probably could drive at this point (there is a point people on Narcotics CAN safely drive if they’re using it regularly) but being the responsible adult I am 90% of the time, I really rather my husband drive me over.  Why court disaster if I don’t have to?  However my husband has a crack in the windshield of his car and made an appointment to get it fixed at 15:45 (that’s 3:45pm for those who never learned the 24 hour clock).  So I’d have to stay at the office till about 6pm.

While I’m up to about a half day at the office, especially since it’ll largely be meetings with the developers and my client, I’m not up to my usual 10-12 hour day at the office.

I’ve been trying to ween myself off the Oxy so I can drive on Monday and not have my life decided by my husband and his fucking windshield appointment.  And I’m not going to lie, there’s pressure from the doctor to come off the pain killers as well.  The dutch as a whole don’t like taking pain killers and would rather silently suffer than not be in pain.  They’re very proud about their ability to suffer… seriously, talk to a mother who decided to not have any sort of pain killing for the birth of her kid.  She’s incredibly proud of this, the pain, and can’t understand why someone would ever not want to experience a watermelon being shoved out of their crotch without anything to make it seem like it’s not a watermelon…

Yea, well, this experiment of going from every 4 hours to every 6 hours hasn’t been that grand of an idea.  My incisions because ultra sensitive and everything brushing against them from clothes to the bed hurt.  After awhile the pain just wears on your nerves and you become pretty crabby.  Add to this that my husband is sleeping in my bedroom since my mom is in his and he has a cold.  His snoring is HORRIBLE.  Like I’ll just finally find a comfortable spot and he starts in with this bed shaking snor and all sorts of other sound effects from nostril whistling to upper lip flapping pfffs and there goes the sleep.  I’ve already been living like this since I came home from the hospital and there’s no amount of drugs that’s making him ok…….. and he will NOT go sleep on the couch for at least 1 night so I can actually have a good night of sleep.

So cue the pain, the inability to find a comfortable position in bed, my husband’s god awful incessant snoring, and going from 5 to 2 pain killers a day and I haven’t slept hardly at all.

I lost it this morning and had a complete melt down since I can’t go the next 6 days like this just so I can drive come Monday the 6th of January.  Maybe I can be down to 2 pills a day by Monday but this week, no.  The melt down was so bad that my mother popped her head in my room and asked if my husband and I were fighting.  No… me just melting down and my husband not realizing I only wanted to be at the office for a half day (even though I have repeatedly mentioned this since before my surgery).

I’ve no idea what will come on the 6th of January but I’m back to 5 pills a day.  It’s too early to ween off.  And yes, with the liposuctions outside of 1 I think, my stomach, I was generally off the narcotic painkillers 3-4 days after the surgery and I only took Paracetamol for a few of them.  However, the pain for this abdominoplasty is so different and I just can’t.  And I don’t care how much the dutch hate painkillers and are proud to have bragging rights that they haven’t had to take so much as an Ibproferun.. I’m not proud.  I don’t have to live in pain so fuck that.

Give me my Oxy.


PetraAnn was first diagnosed with Lipedema in fall 2015 after years of eating keto and exercising with no weight loss results.After diagnosis, she has gone through 8 tumescent liposuction procedures from 2016 until 2018 and on 17 December 2019 underwent an abdominoplasty to remove the remaining 3-4 liters of lippy fat and loose skin.

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